Meet Bill

Founder Of Double Iron Consulting

Visionary and strategic, Bill is skilled at transforming ideas into action.

Bill’s business education started practically from birth. Growing up in Birmingham, Alabama, Bill had a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the family business, Royal Cup Coffee and Tea.

When his time came to head up the company, Bill drew upon his education and years of immersive frontline experiences within the company to serve as President and CEO. Over the course of his tenure, he oversaw the company’s strategic rebranding initiative and expansion into new capabilities for sales growth.

While Bill remains on the board of Royal Cup, he is primarily focused on helping family business owners and executives achieve meaningful results for their own companies—whether that means navigating a family leadership transition or improving internal systems for smoother operations.

A Career’s Worth of Experience to Share

• 1950s: Bill’s grandfather, Billy Smith, purchased what would later become Royal Cup Coffee and Tea.

• 1960s -1970s: Royal Cup grew and expanded during Bill Smith, Jr. and Hatton Smith’s leadership as second generation family owners and company executives.

• 1980s: Bill spent high school and college summers interning with Royal Cup. From roasting coffee to taking sales orders and running vacation delivery routes, these immersive experiences gave Bill direct and hands-on exposure to many frontline roles across the family business.

• 1990s: Throughout the 90s, Bill continued to work on the frontlines of the business interacting with customers, selling products and services, and growing sales territories. These years equipped Bill with a strong foundation from which to draw upon later

• 2000s – 2010s: During this time, Bill developed broader management experience in the operations, supply chain, and sales areas of the business. He began to take on more and more leadership responsibility, culminating in the succession plan the Smith family had established.

• 2014: Bill followed in the footsteps of his grandfather, father, and uncle and became the President and CEO of Royal Cup Coffee and Tea.

• Late 2010s: Under Bill’s executive leadership, Royal Cup broke ground and completed a large-scale infrastructure project and launched a major and strategic rebranding initiative.

• 2020: At the end of the decade, the family and board jointly decided to hand over the business to a non-family and professional executive team charged with leading the next phase of growth and success of the family business.

• 2021: Bill launched Double Iron Consulting to help small and family business owners and executives clarify and achieve their goals.


Davidson College
Bachelor of Arts, Latin American Studies 

Emory University Goizueta Business School
1998 – 2000



National Association of Corporate Directors
Active Member since 2019

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama
Board of Directors
Active Director since 2019, current audit committee member

What’s in a Name

Double Iron Consulting takes its name both from Bill’s hometown of Birmingham, which has a history in iron and steel production, and from Bill’s lifelong commitment to fitness and adventure. When he’s not serving his clients, you will find Bill training through running, swimming, and cycling or traveling for the next hike and outdoor excursion.

Bill’s approach to business consulting mirrors the way he trains—with intention, structure, and a clear goal in mind. Like the best power athletes, he is skilled at breaking down bold goals into manageable steps and then persevering.