Family Succession
Planning Doesn’t Have
to Be a Guessing Game

Let Double Iron Consulting support you with their in-house framework to successfully transition your family business from one generation to the next

According to Forbes

“The Business Survey by the National Bureau of Economic Research Family Business Alliance found that 43% of family-owned businesses don’t have a succession plan. Yet roughly three quarters of the enterprises plan to pass ownership to the next generation.”

Bill Smith

Double Iron Consulting Founder

As part of multi-generation family business, Founder Bill Smith understands each family business is unique. The Double Iron Consulting framework involves deeply understanding the individuality of each business and understanding of family objectives to ensure goals are met. This involves a thorough discovery process with a healthy discussion about specific goals for the family business.

Our Double Iron Family Succession Planning Framework Involves:

  • Strategic assessment of business, short, & long-term goals
  • Identify critical roles of family and non-family leaders
  • Audit of current succession planning implementation
  • Develop plans to document & guide the transition
  • Identify talent or experience gaps within the family leaders & develop plans to support gap minimization
Remove the worry and stress around family succession plans by contacting Double Iron Consulting today for your no-risk succession planning audit.