Targeted Insights to
Deliver True Value

Sometimes, the most valuable decision you can make
for your business is seeking out an outside perspective.

At Double Iron Consulting, we aim to develop a foundation of trust
with our clients so that we can provide actionable input.

Succession Planning

Passing the baton to the next generation is complex due to the nature of family relationships. We will help you take steps to manage the process with care and with clarity.

Leadership Development

Achieving your leadership goals takes more than lofty aspirations. We provide the personalized structure and direction needed to cultivate strong leadership.

Change Management

We can provide an honest assessment of your change management practices and provide guidance and resources to help you become an even better leader.

Strategic Growth

Reaching your next benchmark begins with clear goals. We will help you bridge the gap between intentions and actions to create a pathway toward sustainable growth.

Customer Experience

We understand how to deliver a consistent, delightful experience for customers and will help you implement the right tools and processes within your business.

Internal Alignment

Whether you’re unveiling a new marketing plan or considering an expansion, we will help you adopt processes and systems that are reliable and authentic to your brand promise.

Serving Business Executives and Leaders Across the Country

With deep roots in Alabama, Georgia, and the Carolinas and professional experiences across the United States, Bill is passionate about partnering with owners and executives near and far to help them build a
business that respects family values and embraces the future.