Internal Alignment
Consulting for Your Business

Let Double Iron Consulting Support You with Our
In-House Internal Alignment Framework

Here at Double Iron Consulting,

We are focused on helping companies achieve consistent and profitable growth year over year – and that starts with getting ahead of the game from the start. We founded our business on the principle that strategic decisions made early in the planning process often determine the level of success a company achieves.

Our mission is to empower you to take your business to new heights by establishing a rock-solid foundation of framework to begin with – so your business is ready to grow and prosper along side you. Our strength is that we know how to help you focus your priorities to obtain your goals in the short and long run.

Internal Alignment is a metric that helps you keep a pulse on the health of your organization. Measuring your businesses alignment takes a deep dive into how you’re communicating as an organization, how individuals in your business work together, and how your company values are helping you reach your goals. What does that mean in the long-run?

Businesses that have strong alignment have the capacity to grow faster and deliver more profitable returns because they focus in on what’s most important. Strongly-aligned organizations will perform better across indicators such as customer retention, customer satisfaction, leadership effectiveness, and employee engagement.

How We Measure Wins

Through your team:

At Double Iron Consulting, we know that your employees are the heart of your business. We can help you ensure their success with your organiation by monitoring employee retention, turnover rates, and internal promotion opportunities.

Through your customers & clients:

Your customers are as important to your businesses success as the internal community you build to support them. We can help you connect with your customers directly and learn what matters most to them through customer satisfaction surveys and retention metrics.

Through the ways you work together:

Collaboration is the magic that keeps your business creative and on the cutting edge. We can help you ensure you’re collaborating in the most effective ways to get the most out of meetings and internal communications – helping everyone work smarter together.

By how you grow over time:

We help you keep track of your wins and keep reaching for the next goalpost by helping you record your wins in customer counts, product offerings, and range of services provided.

Our Core Values

When you work with Double Iron Consulting, your business is our business – and we take your success personally. Here’s just a few of the promises you can expect when you work with our talented and experienced team:

We connect vision to strategy to budgets to performance results
We guide toward crisp and clear communications
We promote engagement with and across diverse teams
We partner to empower people and encourage assertive actions
We value speed and decisiveness over perfection